Minimal Orchestral

Q1 2021

Minimal Orchestral combines high production quality and a uniquely subtle approach to create a one of a kind game music library for professionals and beginners

When I set out to make Minimal Orchestral, my goal was to create a new kind of game music asset. One that is incredibly useful, respectfully subtle and that brings unusually high production quality to even the simplest musical cues.

An asset that can meet the expectations and requirements of a professional developer.

I believe that the very best game music assets, sit proudly in the background. Raising the quality of a game, but without defining its character. With Minimal Orchestral, it’s been my goal to do exactly that, by creating subtle, seemingly simple, musical cues that build atmosphere, without sacrificing the quality that a commercial release expects.

Planned for release in early 2021, enter your email below for production updates and find out first when Minimal Orchestral is launched.

Tundra, melodic